Painful departures


Earl’s Court  4/5 1972

My darling

I waited until that wretched boat that took you away departed, but I could not catch a last glimpse of you.

My throat went dry and I could not speak properly for about twenty minutes, I hope you cried.

I am very sad and miss you a lot already. I love you and I feel as if I have been left alone in life, again.

Please come back very quickly and don’t ever forget me.

Lots of love


P.S- I will phone Sunday or Monday bet. 5 & 6.

(The boat was the Saga, the place Tillbury docks, the feelings genuine)

The Saga


The M/S Saga was a Swedish ferry that in 1972 started to sail between Gothemburg and London. It would go a bit up the Thames and anchor at the Tillbury docks. I remember taking the train with Mona to what was my most painful farewell. Mona was leaving and going back to Sweden. We had decided that I would come to see her in Sweden later in the summer. This was the period that I have described on a previous text, where the Portuguese word “Saudade”, gets its deepest meaning. Not being a great writer of letters, I did write many, to the address Box 1209, S- 86023, Ankarsvik, Sweden. And daily awaited Mona’s letters.

But it was this boat that took us away from each other and back together in 1972.

The M/S Saga was built in 1966 for the Stockholm Rederiet AB. She was given the name Svea. Having a length of 141 meters she took 100 cars and 408 passengers.

In 1968 she was sold to Svenska Lloyd in Gothemburg and renamed Hispania. She then did the route Southampton- Bilbao for a few years until she served as a popular means of transport between Sweden and England, now renamed Saga.

She did operate on this London destiny until 1977, when she went off to Greece under the name M/S Knossos where she stayed for 20 years. In 1988 as M/S Captain Zaman II she did central America serving such places as Belize and later Panama with the new name M/S Ancona. Is she still out there, anyone?