The home away from home

Pat Dad

Even when one has moved away from home and is trying out one’s wings it is always good to have a fixed place to go and relate to. In London my home from home was Pat and Dad’s at 3, Hurst View Rd, Croydon.

I visited my grandparents quite often and kept a good and healthy relationship with them. I often took the train from Barnes or whatever station was nearest and headed to South Croydon station. These trains were practical and ran quite regularly. Once in the platform you waited for the train and opened yourself the door to the compartment where you would sit. There was a special feeling about travelling on these trains that served the greater London area (probably still do!).

Every country has its own feeling…its own smell! England is no exception. Those who have not been inside a typical middle class detached house in the London area might not be aware of what makes it different. To me there are a few things that prop up. Let me try to give you some examples that contrasted with Portugal.

Fitted carpets everywhere, large flowery furniture and wallpapered walls with different patterns. Very soft beds with thick quilts. Well scented toilets with the windows opened almost continuously, access to hoovers labelled Hoover. Piping running outside the house, central heating, large rubbish bins, milk bottles outside the front door, Sunday meals with lamb joint and roast potatoes with vegetables and gravy or mint sauce. Colour television showing cricket matches. Gardens with roses and apple trees, lawns always green, bonfires, garden sheds, blackbirds and robins.

I miss it all!