Memory lapses


Memory is tricky. Some things you remember others you don’t and these, can be forever lost, if not registered. I am going through the letters between Mona and I, in May and June of 1972.

I have discovered that I have no memory of a certain Pepe that shared the flat in 1972 when Mona and Åsa went back to Sweden. I had also forgotten that many people owed me money and that this caused difficulties for me as I needed it. Perhaps that is the reason even today, that it upsets me, to have to remind people that they need to pay their debts. Accordingly I try to settle any debts to others as soon as possible.

Someone wisely once said,” never borrow, never lend and you’ll never lose a friend”

In our letters we expressed the longing and the uncertainties of any couple in love but torn by distance and insecurity. As the weeks passed and the longing grew, it was decided that I would leave my job at Tramp’s to come to Sweden. By this time I was beginning to get tired of some customers at the club who in drunkenness had little manners or consideration for the staff.

I reported to Mona from the royal table at Tramp’s and could tell that the Prince had heard that I was connected to Sundsvall and I became known as Sundsvall without having been there. As to his bachelor situation it was evident that the chase for women or potential wives was there.

As you are not, dear reader, all alone in perusing through this blog pages I can now leave you some data concerning the blog. Number of viewings is today 5,186. 124 comments have been left and I have written over 100 texts in English and in Portuguese. People in 46 countries have visited the blog and visits top 5, are as follows. Sweden 1971, Portugal 1882, UK 460, USA 306 and Luxembourg 90. Thank you for your interest.


Dramatic decisions


The period between May and July of 1972 seemed interminable. The emotional situation of being separated from someone you are madly in love with, was toppled by many practical decisions and planning problems, some outside of my own scope.

At the beginning of this period I still a flat to live in and the plan was for Mona to come back to England and study there. As people started to leave the flat at Nevern Square I was left with the problems, as I had the contract.

I spoke to Guido the Tramp’s manager about my holiday and I was promised a week in June. If I was to come to Sweden for a week I would have to fly. The plane fare for a return to Sundsvall cost £88.On a good week I could earn up to £50. In today’s money, I have worked out, that this trip  would cost about 1170€ .

Mona was working as a telephone receptionist for the State company “Televerket”,and we rang each other as often as we could,or rather she did! I did not have a phone so we had to organize these calls on ways no one today can conceive.

Slowly the picture was clarifying… I would have to leave my job and come over to Sweden.

I left notice for the flat and tried to get some digs with Pepe. That was a waste of time!

The circles in my mind


Life doesn’t run on a straight line. It rather divides up into circles that meet each other and progress into new ones. On this blog I have now written over 100 texts and divided them into memories in English and in Portuguese. I have in time, stretched between 1952 and 1972, and arrived at the edge of the London circle. It will soon go over to a new one where Sweden will for the first time appear in my own set of reports. But not quite yet…

I have saved many letters from the time where these were handwritten and sent by ordinary post, generally with a specially chosen stamp that could be useful for collecting.

I am these days reading some of these letters which have filled some memory gaps.

I realize for example that I knew some people when living at Nevern Square, Earl’s Court, that I had completely forgotten about.

When the Portuguese left the flat I had to look for new tenants. The rent was high and I really needed 4 to contribute towards it. The Swedish girls now living in the flat, Jannice and Ulla were like flowers attracting bees.  A Portuguese guy called Pepe did come in but was getting in and out of work. Another guy turned up to get a bath. I believed he needed one, having the nickname Clint Eastwood, as a reference to the film” Dirty Harry”.

Live in the flat did no longer feel secure and things disappeared such as money, Mona’s camera and the likes. It felt as time was running towards getting off the circle, one way or another….