The Ineichens

Josef Ineichen

The Ineichens originate from Switzerland. My great grandfather Josef left his farm in Gölpi, Village of Gelfingen, Hitzkirch, in the canton of Luzern.  He was a Swiss German- speaking young man, of Roman Catholic creed, when he left for London. He had 6 brothers and sisters and I presume his older brother Leonz was expected to inherit the farm and carry on the farming life.Josef was born on the 22nd march 1875.

The other siblings were Elisabeth, Anna, Barbara, Marie and Albert. Their father was Kasper and their mother Verena Egli.

Josef would have been in his twenties when he came to London where he became a waiter. He married Mary Hatchard my great grandmother on the 14th of April 1899.

I really have very little information about Josef Ineichen. He lived in Westminster more precisely at 42, Moreland buildings, in Smith square. When he married Mary Hatchard, she already had a son, William George who was at the time 5 years old.

I am curious whether Josef managed to speak good English and what sort of a person he was. Does anyone know?

He passed away on the 1st of july 1949, aged 74.