Welcome to Lloyd’s

Lloyd's waiter

In November 1968 I was offered a job at Lloyd’s in Lime Street. My grandfather Joseph Ineichen had previously fixed me up for an interview with a Mr. White, Underwriter at Lloyd’s, specializing in Marine insurance.  My new employer was Anton Underwriting Agencies and the box I sat at, was known as G.F.Hinds and others.

My salary was established at £550 per year payable per month. And I would also, for every working day, receive a sum of 3 shillings worth of luncheon vouchers. The working hours were between 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. with one hour for lunch. I would also receive thirteen working days as a holiday.

This was my first real job and it was thrilling to be able to start.

My grandfather Joseph Ineichen took me to a ready-made clothes shop and I tried a few suits. Before this I had never put on a suit so I thought I had really come into the adult world. A couple of shirts and tie completed my City uniform. My grandfather taught me how to make the knot.

In order to get to work there was the underground in Hammersmith and I would travel to the Monument Underground station and walk from there on a flowing river of gentlemen dressed in suits and many with bowler hats and rolled up umbrellas. On arrival I was greeted by a uniformed Lloyd’s waiter. Work could begin!