Humpty Dumpty at the Hudson Bay Company


Obviously I was not prepared when I got the sack from Maximus in Leicester Square. But I always knew it would come so new life was eminent. Just as when I left the City I looked forward to what life would bring. I did not have a great fall like Humpty Dumpty , just a small one. ..


As I had not been unemployed up to then I immediately set out to look for a new job or jobs. I never bothered to go on any unemployment benefit. There was in Earl’s Court at least one employment agency. I was informed that you came early and if  needed you would get work immediately. I looked for this place early in the morning and that is how I managed to experience in the course of a few months several different jobs which gave me a new important perspective on life. At this time the Asians from Uganda had been coming over before finally expelled by Idi Amin in August and many of those queuing up for jobs were refugees from that group.

We were transported to a large building in the centre of London, near Bishopsgate- The Beaver Hall, I think it was. This institution dated back to 1760 when British interests wanted to get control of the french fur trade. I was shown to a large room with packed carts containing Swakara- South African lamb. The furs were completely black and shiny, short and wavy. My job consisted on getting carts and showing them to potential buyers that after inspection would participate in the auctions.

I must have been there for some weeks as I remember the mink and the beaver auctions. This place was huge and lived on for a few years more before closing down and seeing all operations transferred to Canada.