Well done, Trump


It’s over. I am referring to the presidential election in the United States. What a pity they missed out on giving Hillary a chance. She did have some commitments that would matter to people like the issue of Medicare and other issues that work all around the world but not in America. We will never know if the experienced Hillary would make a difference or not. What we will know is what Donald Trump will do or attempt to do. He will make America great again! This is his promise and my curiosity grows.

What I deduct from this election is that there are too many people in America looking for security and future perspectives that they seem to lack today. Their choice is arguable though. I just cannot see how the new president will do anything for his voters. I really tried to listen why people were voting for Trump yesterday. There will be mountains of explanations and theories. So based on what I heard yesterday this is my analysis. The people that voted for Trump were recognized as white men with lower education, living outside of the greater cities in expansion and over a certain age. Typically the groups that suffer most from loss of jobs, economic crisis, immigration. In short, globalization and the technical revolution .

The governments of America have not provided good answers and solutions for them. So they protest at the ballot, where else? But how does anyone think that a millionaire, born with a silver spoon in his mouth cares? Not with his record anyhow… What compels people to think that he has the will let alone the skills to put through legislation that really would help this people?

Does anyone really believe that chasing immigrants (in the immigration country) is the solution? I fear for America’s future and the world’s. Social unrest could be the outcome of the expectations that were so bluntly awoken. More social sustainability and less market solutions and capital uncontrolled ruling is what Americans need. . More hope and less exclusion too. This is what the defeated voters need to consider. The system is rotten and the solutions are not there. A majority of republicans in Congress want to and will, continue to steer.

The human being is not rational. We’ve seen it over and over as Sweden Democrats have made fast careers for themselves, how similar parties have appeared and grown how Brexit won in England. Despite a considerable level of education there are other needs that need to be fulfilled like security and hope for the future. These are lacking in American society, so well done Trump!

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