Napoleon did surrender


In the year of 1974 my classes of Swedish got on the way. The course was in Ljustadalen and it was seen as a job. When I arrived I had to punch the card just as it was done in the industrial workplaces. My degree of participation was relevant for my monthly salary. Needless to say I did not miss any lessons.

Naturally I became friends with people from different countries attending the SFI course. One of them was Randolph Richards. Randolph was a musician from Jamaica. He was on to bodybuilding and had a small gymnasium in the Skönsberg area. This was also his residential area so we were neighbours as it turned out.

On Saturday the 6th April my small family was invited to his home where we would eat and watch the Eurovision song festival. Randolph and wife Elisabeth with two small girls were among my first social contacts in Sundsvall.

The show was completely dominated by a new Swedish group composed by two girls and two guys. These Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid were the group Abba and they did succeed in winning everything and became megastars the following years. The song was Waterloo where Napoleon did surrender.

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