Getting to know Skönsberg


 My first impressions from my new life in Sundsvall were from the Skönsberg residential area. The houses there were quite new and answered to the investments made by the municipals and the State on modernizing the housing standard. The people living there were of varied ages and quite a lot were families with children. We soon got a larger flat with an extra room at Bruksgatan 6B.

One of the first things I noticed was the way we disposed of the rubbish. You just put it in a plastic bag, went out into the staircase and dropped it through a hatch. Now that, I had never seen before. Once I felt that there must have been a gas leak somewhere. It turned out that the downstairs neighbours who had opened a tin of fermented Baltic herring(Surströmming), very popular in the North of Sweden.

We could choose new wallpaper once in a while. In those days the fashion was flowery wallpaper. Another thing that surprised me and still surprises people that come to live in Sweden is that the household machinery is part of the flat so we did not need to buy, cooker, or fridge. All was electrical The washing was done on a common launderette in the basement.

Walking around Skönsberg I would meet many small kids that were eager to salute me saying-  Hej!

Skönsberg was a worker’s area. Its proximity to the paper factory plant influenced that. It was a part of town that had everything. The Konsum supermarket  selling food stuffs, a Sparbank bank office, a post office, church, school, petrol station,the lot! You really did not need to go to town as most of your needs were provided for nearby.


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  1. And is very convinient located to main highways and close to the downtown area not to mention the lovely view to the bay…..

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