Highly confidential police matters!


To me it was all pretty straight forward. We had got married; I had my job at the Sheraton and in order to keep it, I needed to show them a permit. If memory does not fail me we went to the police station that same day, the 17th November 1972. There we were told that it was necessary to present ourselves for an interview. Swedish authorities were instructed to make sure that no marriages of convenience with the purpose of staying in the country were accepted. I learnt later that Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme had in 1949 married to help a Czechoslovakian girl escape dictatorship in her country. It wasn’t our case, but still…

We were summoned for an interview on upcoming Tuesday the 21th November. We were asked separately a number of questions, some of more intimate character. When did we meet, how, where and had we slept with each other.

My interview was held in English and I wasn’t a bit nervous, but instead rather amused at the whole procedure. For Mona it was different. She was rather upset that her country acted suspiciously and I think she took it rather personally. Eventually the whole thing was over, we were reunited and they chatted something that I didn’t understand. Suddenly I found us out in the street, facing the cold and dark Stockholm afternoon. I was not only curious but decided to claim my right. Where was the stamp I needed? We went back in again and after some more talk I was given a stamp on my passport. It’s validity was for four days when the decision was supposed to come from the authority in charge! That did me fine! I had my stamp, so I was happy! I had also for the first time encountered Swedish bureaucracy.

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  1. No meu caso e em relação à Inglaterra passei toda a entrevista com o agente do Home Office a fazer-me “festas” à minha mão direita. Fiquei convencido durante anos que tinha sido entrevistado por um homossexual que se estava a fazer ao mancebo.
    Depois de muitos anos e de ter comentado a um oficial de Sua Majestade com quem travei algumas conversas ele comentou que era normal ver se os supostos estudantes tinham as mãos calejadas ou eram mãos de “estudante”. Eu confirmei que inicialmente preenchi alguns documentos e ele viu que eu não era canhoto por isso a mão direita era a usada.
    às vezes as coisas não são o que parecem e eu aprendi a não opinar rapidamente sem saber como funcionam as coisas

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