Travels with Grandpa 2010 (7)

resan 15 Sporting 2 lyon 0

We visited the nearby park, Jardim da Estrela. Then we went off again to Vótetta who showed us, (Jonatan and Grandpa), Paço de Arcos city! Jonatan, who by this time still hasn’t learnt Portuguese, wondered what we were searching for. Then off we went! Sporting’s first home match for the season… The opponents were Lyon with Kim Källström.

A nice experience, with a big crowd and where Sporting presented all their players for the fans. Sporting also won the match 2-0. Kim had to be carried out on a stretcher. Grandpa had to change his place, as a nervous old boy, chain smoked next to him. In Portugal people seem to still think that if the match is played outdoors it should be allowed to smoke. Besides, they believe, that they cannot survive a whole match without a smoke. Well, well… We’ll see… we got out of the stadium rather fast and smoothly even though we reckon there were some 35000 people there.
We children were up late, laughing and talking. For Liv it is her last parent free night, because tomorrow mummy Helena arrives.

Have we remembered to mention Patricia’s fantastic breakfasts, with fresh bread, croissants, juice, coffee, etc.?
resan 16 Stadium of Light
We had been to see Sporting and Jonatan’s interest for Portuguese football only grew more and more. We decided to visit rivals Benfica. We went to their stadium and got a nice guided tour. Besides looking at their 100 most important trophies on show, we all also had a glimpse of the president’s seats, the changing rooms. We sat on the substitutes benches and met their eagle Vitória. This eagle flies before every home match. Jonatan was also impressed when he heard that Grandpa had on several occasions talked to the living legend Eusébio. During this time Liv and Patricia did the Colombo shopping center, right next door. We rushed to the airport by taxi and managed to arrive on time to welcome Helena. We ate dinner near Rato and were ready sometime between 11 and 12, Swedish time.

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