The message to love


If any among you, dear readers, is 20 years old and love stricken, avoid at all costs long separations. It happened to Mona and me in May- June of 1972. Why Mona and her best friend Åsa had to leave London I do not remember. There were two things that could have prompted the decision. Tourist regulations in England and a telephone operator’s summer job with the Swedish National Telephone Company Televerket for both!

During those months and through intensive mail exchange the dialogue concentrated on how fast we could be together. Being in love is like an illness. You’re weak and not fully in control of your reasoning. What would be the best way to travel and how would we get the time off for a holiday? I was  informed that a charter to Stockholm would cost about £ 40.50, with the cheapest hotel included, whereas the m/s Saga would take me to Gothemburg  for £ 30. Then there was the train and all in all I would expect to pay between £ 55 and £ 60, for the chance of being together for a few Days. I have not mentioned it but there was still the small matter of a car trip from Stockholm and back to Sundsvall, a distance of about 400 kms.

Mona was already into cars and for her it was a minor problem to travel by car providing she was driving. At this time I did not have a driver’s license and it had not even occurred to me that I might ever need one.

Telephone calls and many letters kept us in touch and then there was that “ Message to love” with Jimi Hendrix to deepen memories!

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