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The M/S Saga was a Swedish ferry that in 1972 started to sail between Gothemburg and London. It would go a bit up the Thames and anchor at the Tillbury docks. I remember taking the train with Mona to what was my most painful farewell. Mona was leaving and going back to Sweden. We had decided that I would come to see her in Sweden later in the summer. This was the period that I have described on a previous text, where the Portuguese word “Saudade”, gets its deepest meaning. Not being a great writer of letters, I did write many, to the address Box 1209, S- 86023, Ankarsvik, Sweden. And daily awaited Mona’s letters.

But it was this boat that took us away from each other and back together in 1972.

The M/S Saga was built in 1966 for the Stockholm Rederiet AB. She was given the name Svea. Having a length of 141 meters she took 100 cars and 408 passengers.

In 1968 she was sold to Svenska Lloyd in Gothemburg and renamed Hispania. She then did the route Southampton- Bilbao for a few years until she served as a popular means of transport between Sweden and England, now renamed Saga.

She did operate on this London destiny until 1977, when she went off to Greece under the name M/S Knossos where she stayed for 20 years. In 1988 as M/S Captain Zaman II she did central America serving such places as Belize and later Panama with the new name M/S Ancona. Is she still out there, anyone?


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  1. Ancona was withdrawn from service in 2010 due to the new SOLAS 2010 regulations coming into effect.[2] As a result she was sold for scrap and is due to head to yards at Alang, India. The scrapping contract was suspended due to a lull in the steel market, but in the end the Ancona beached at Alang scrapyards on December 16, 2010, in plot 134.

  2. Hi João, Yes I came to the same conclusion. I saw that the Saga was insured with us (The Swedish Club) up till 1978.
    I remember the second time Jannike and myself embarked on the voyage from Gothenburg to London. We brought more luggage than we could carry! Not only suitcases but, very important to us, record players and tape recorders. As you know these were gigantic and on top of that, all our LP:s and tapes were packed as well. We also had a bag full of hangers (!!) On the boat we met some nice guys. They did, however, not look as neat as a mother would appreciate and when we passed together through customs, the officer wanted to check my luggage. Of couse, he found something suspicious: white powder of some kind… I tried to convince the officer that I had packed a plastic bag full of washing powder, which I thought was quite normal. (Perhaps I was not sure about the quality of British washing detergent.) Anyway, we were released and managed somehow to get all the stuff all the way up to London.

  3. I have fond memories of this boat ( sailing every summer on the Saga to Gothenburg as a kid), just tracing its life online and was gutted to see it has probably now been scrapped. It has something special, a little similar to the famous ‘Love Boat’ from the TV series

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