The Hungry Years?

hungry yearsLife in Earl’s Court was good. We had our own apartment. Four guys ( Quim, Mané, Gilberto and I) shared two rooms, bathroom, living room and I am quite sure there was a kitchen. Like all other type of sharing it had its inconveniences. These were related to having hardly any privacy and being constantly dependent on what everybody else felt like doing.

It is easy to understand how one could easily fasten in this make believe life. Fortunately none of us were doing drugs. I think everyone smoked and there was no special relation to alcohol.

During a period of time it all circulated round long nightly card games to the continuous sound of Santana’s “Abraxas” or Deep Purple’s  “Fireball” albums. The card game in question is for four players known to most Portuguese as King. This game consists of two parts where the first is to avoid winning different things and the second to make points. When the counting was done there were losers and winners. These games were played for money. Generally we would sit after 3 in morning returned from our nightly jobs and went on for a couple of hours. Sometimes there was more company sometimes not…How I ever had the stamina to live this kind of life I really do not know today.

When we eventually got up it would be about midday and time to deal with the strenuous daily tasks of looking for somewhere to eat and to pick up any clothes left at the dry cleaners.

My favorite restaurant was “The Hungry years” right on Earl’s Court Rd. Their hamburgers were the best I have ever eaten and besides choosing the weight you had to choose between some twenty odd different delicious sauces!

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  1. It would be interesting to add today on the 10th september 2013 that these three musketeers have now been located and that I am glad to say are in contact with me. As we all know they were 4 musketeers in the book and I found Mané on the island of Macau, trading on Portuguese wines for the Chinese market. The always restless, Quim travels around and as yet I have not been able to pin down his adress but it would be somewhere in the Houston, Texas area. As to Gilberto he now lives in Massachussets in Watertown not far from Boston. Hopefully we will manage to get together for a dinner or a lunch to reminisce on old and amusing memories from our youth!

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