Masters of logistics


As time went by the West End started to take over from the City. I cannot recall how we started to frequent the Concord Club at Oxford Street/Regent Street??? It’s dead and buried and there’s nothing to be found about it, on Google. Has it existed? I am now giving it new life, anyway.

This was a disco for a younger public. No big spenders, but a good place to listen to music, dance and take a cool drink! The disc jockey was the Portuguese Toni (Carolo), a Setubal born good looking boy, that was popular with the girls. His friend was another Setubal native Gilberto Matos and we eventually shared digs in West Cromwell Rd. It was this Portuguese connection that brought us to the Concord blessed, as it were, by the owner Mr Nat, who for some reason liked us and wanted us there.

My strongest memories from the Concord were together with Mário Soveral. We would go there quite often and worked on our female conquests to the sound of “Blame it on the Pony Express” by Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon and many Tamla Motown labeled music. It was my introduction to Black American music and I stayed with it.

When we started to increase our network of friends we had to meet and keep the contacts going. For this there was obviously the conventional telephone. (I cannot recall ever having one of those).How did we meet and keep in touch with each other? I do not know but we were certainly masters of logistics deciding to meet up at tube stations and the like, between certain hours, at certain days. Communication was not what it is today!

3 thoughts on “Masters of logistics

  1. Ola Joao,

    Excelente artigo, eu sou filho do Antonio Carolo e gostava de saber se tens mais fotografias do meu pai desta epoca em Londres!



    • Olá Bernardo. Talvez tenha mais fotos. Vou procurar. Entretanto conto ir a Portugal no Natal e espero encontrar o teu pai e o Gilinho. Podes informá-lo? Um abraço

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