Why and what?

Ok. I’ll make a try! The whole idea with this blog is to publish some of the thoughts that pass my mind and that I feel I should share with others. It is directed mainly to the people I know but I have no intention in keeping it other than public. The whole blog idea is after all a public one!

My other blog is written in Swedish, a language that many do not speak so I have decided that this particular blog will be in English and that I will sometimes write in Portuguese. Alexandre Vidal Pinheiro is helping me out with the technical bits.

Many of the things I will write about are connected with memories from my childhood in Portugal, my 5 year period in London and for sure something of my life in Sweden.

I intend to write something that relates to my family present and past! One thing is sure it will flow without special order and very much guided on the mood of the day! Hope you enjoy!

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