Earl’s Court, mon amour.

 earls court station

It’s a fact. Earl’s Court was a great place to be in the beginning of the seventies. Near to everything and with the underground station serving the most important lines- District and Piccadilly- who needed a car? Plenty of restaurants, a bookstore, Wimpy bars, Pizza Hut and other fast food giants, launderette and Drycleaners, Pubs, in short, the ideal place for the common bachelor with little money to live his adventures.

Some excitement was at times provided when travelling without a ticket on the tube. If caught we were tourists and once when Gilberto Matos was stopped in Piccadilly and asked to produce a ticket he did not have, and pressed to answer where he came from- the answer popped out as Portugal instead of Earl’s Court! Great times, with lots of laughter and perhaps not as carefree as one would like to remember it today!   We were, in short, on our way somewhere but not quite sure what it would be.

The reader of my blog has been able to follow a period of my life between 1952 and 1972. Twenty years of memories that I try to recall and share in a way that others might find interesting. I have tried to keep faithfull to my original idea to keep texts short and keep them coming. Up to today I have published 95 texts and they have been viewed 4130 times. Most of the views are from Sweden (1570) tightly followed by Portugal (1447), UK comes third with (386). I have hits from 41 countries. I have no idea how frequent people visit this blog or who they are, unless they make comments, but I wish to express to all, my thanks for looking in!