My encounter with a film star!

One of the pubs in Barnes is the Sun Inn. In front of it, there is a park with a pond. This park was the sort of place some of us teenagers used to hang around not being able to afford to go inside. Anyway it was a good meeting point. Especially in the summer, pub visitors would go across the street and have their drinks there.

A big car (I think it was a Bentley) once stopped there and two men and a woman came out. After a while they came over and sat on the park bench holding enormous fruity drinks. The man with the rounded, reddish head was very talkative. He was obviously courting this female as he made poetry and jokes. He had a slight Irish accent. The other, a tall man didn’t say as much.

As I stood nearby somewhat interested, the talkative man dared me to run on a race around the pond. This was probably a show of virility. The prize was a drink of Pimm’s number 1, a drink based on Gin. I readily accepted and off we went. I was well ahead of him as he stopped and went back conceding defeat. The taller man went across the street and brought a well-deserved glass of Pimm’s.

After some more declamations like “men have got pips and women have got tits”, they drove  away and I never saw them again.

Some of my friends then approached, green of envy, and said- Do you know who you’ve been talking to? – No!  Well it was Richard Harris, the actor! –Oh yeah!

Barnes pond