How I became a potman!


Another pub in Barnes is the Red Lion.This is a recent picture of the pub and I have not found any from around 1970. Here is an account on how I was employed some evenings collecting glasses from the tables and earning a pound a night for it.My job as a potman!

I was working in the City and had gone over to monthly pay. After deductions I would get around £40. For some reason I had this money in cash.

Eager to have friends I once invited two boys of the same age as me, to my digs at Mr. and Mrs. Whyte’s. i had just been paid.I do not know if they had observed me having the money in my wallet… I had to leave my room to boil the water for the tea. That’s when they must have taken the money. When I discovered this the next morning it was a big shock for me. At first I was convinced I must have lost it… When I realized that the money was stolen I could not know if they both had been involved. The main question now was- How was I going to survive the rest of the month?

At this time the Red Lion had employed a blind pianist. He was Boogie-Woogie inspired and his evenings were very popular. My job was to serve him with drinks and to collect everybody’s glasses as they got empty. I became rather popular with the guests and some were eager to buy me a pint or two. My routines got worse and I had difficulty in getting to work on time or be sufficiently alert for my job at the insurance brokers. Still, I survived those difficult months earning money to keep me going from day to day. Sometime later I heard that one of the boy’s had been taken by the police for breaking an entry.

If I were a potman..trallalalalalalalla!