Dramatic decisions


The period between May and July of 1972 seemed interminable. The emotional situation of being separated from someone you are madly in love with, was toppled by many practical decisions and planning problems, some outside of my own scope.

At the beginning of this period I still a flat to live in and the plan was for Mona to come back to England and study there. As people started to leave the flat at Nevern Square I was left with the problems, as I had the contract.

I spoke to Guido the Tramp’s manager about my holiday and I was promised a week in June. If I was to come to Sweden for a week I would have to fly. The plane fare for a return to Sundsvall cost £88.On a good week I could earn up to £50. In today’s money, I have worked out, that this trip  would cost about 1170€ .

Mona was working as a telephone receptionist for the State company “Televerket”,and we rang each other as often as we could,or rather she did! I did not have a phone so we had to organize these calls on ways no one today can conceive.

Slowly the picture was clarifying… I would have to leave my job and come over to Sweden.

I left notice for the flat and tried to get some digs with Pepe. That was a waste of time!

Tramp’s in Jermyn Street



It was sometime in that winter/ spring of 1972 that I heard that they were looking for waiters at the Tramp Club in 40,Jermyn Street!

We booked a time and I came in for an interview with the manager,an elegant and slim Italian called Guido. I recall his hair was rather long on top almost falling over his eyes. He gave a boyish impression of someone not much older than me.

He asked me if I had waiting experience.  I obviously replied YES to that question, and described my time as a potman at the Red Lion in Barnes and my Maximus experience which was everything but waiting at tables.

Somehow Guido decided to give me a chance on a trial basis! I was to come in sometime before opening and do some cleaning which included all the premises (toilets included) and then I was given an area in which to work- a few tables that I should look after.Attention to the customers was important and lighting up cigarettes was part of my tasks.

I was to come in dressed on a white polo and black trousers without pockets. I would very soon  understand the reason for that!

The staff was friendly and so was the whole atmosphere, very relaxed considering there was absolutely no dress code. Once down the stairs,there was a small restaurant, a lounge and a main room where the disc jockey worked facing the dance floor. There were some tables all around the beautiful wooden carved walls!

I did my waiting with some difficulties, considering it was all new to me! On my tables there was no food being served.Only drinks… Every drink that was ordered cost 40p whether it was milk or whisky. After a week Guido said he wasn’t happy. We had a chat and I guaranteed improvement. I asked him for a new opportunity. It was conceded, so I stayed on!