Rescaldo do Suécia- Portugal


Rescaldo é o mesmo que esfriar…Esfriar de emoções e de algum nervosismo que pelo menos eu senti, logo que soube que nos calhava jogar o play-off contra a Suécia. Há que ver que se tratava de uma equipa bem embalada e confiante depois de no seu grupo só ter feito pior que a Alemanha.

O David disse logo -Vamos lá a Estocolmo. E ficou decidido. Havia que comprar os bilhetes para ficar na bancada dos portugueses. Através do site dos emigrantes e sócios do clube Lusitania de Estocolmo ficámos a saber que se compravam os bilhetes pela Internet na página da Federação Portuguesa de Futebol.  Como não tenho a nacionalidade portuguesa ficaram em nome da Patricia. Para levantá-los levámos autorização e documento de identificação dela. Tudo funcionou bem.

Como tinha que trabalhar na terça, só conseguimos ver a alternativa para chegar e voltar no mesmo dia, só indo de carro. É que são sensivelmente 4 horas de viagem que nos separam de Sundsvall. Ainda fui trabalhar de manhã e o David foi à escola. Saímos por volta do meio dia. Como nos disseram que a situação de estacionamento ao pé da Friends Arena é caótica decidimos estacionar em Upplands-Väsby ,nos arredores a norte de Solna e daí apanhámos o comboio.

Quando chegámos à estação de Solna eram umas quatro da tarde. Já havia muita gente, nomeadamente muitos portugueses. Demos logo com a compratiota Luisa Paulo, que se tinha mascarado de Pippi das longas meias portuguesa. A Luisa é uma pessoa que toma muitas iniciativas e organiza actividades para a comunidade Portuguesa de Estocolmo. A Luisa tinha marcado uns 60 lugares para os portugueses que quisessem comer e beber algo antes do jogo. Fomos para lá e pedimos uma Coca-cola.

 Foi o principio da confraternização que aí começava à volta da nossa seleção. Muitas vezes são os imigrantes quem mais se regozija com os nossos sucessos desportivos, remetidos como estão, anos a anos, a uma vida de trabalho longe de familiares e amigos de infancia, nem sempre considerados plenamente pelas pessoas que são. Após cerca de meia hora estalou um alarme, que em bom som, avisaou que havia um incendio no restaurante e que era necessário, urgentemente, evacuar as instalações. E assim fizemos começando a dirigir-nos para a arena nacional de futebol da Suécia.

Começava uma noite inesquecivel.

Travels with Grandpa 2010 (11)

resan 21

We travelled with Helena to Great grandpa at Guerra Junqueiro avenue -where we all could relieve ourselves. After that Greatgrandpa drove away towards the mountains in Sintra and on our way there we got acquainted with the coast and the impressive Atlantic waves. We all ate at a restaurant.

As this was happening we were curious to know what Grandpa and Patricia were up to in Viseu. They visited a very large mansion that had belonged to Patricia’s family and that had now been rebuilt for rural tourism for foreigners. The house had been bought by a Dutch couple and now it was owned by English people. Patricia got very sentimental as she had such strong memories from this place. In the evening and after long farewells with kisses and hugs Patricia and Grandpa left father-in-law Julio brother-in-law Cristóvão (Quitó) among a number of newly acquired family members!

Sunday! The whole group went to Belém. Grandpa showed the way on the tram from Terreiro do Paço. It was boiling hot and Vótetta had made
sandwiches, for our picnic. Grandpa and Patricia went into the Belém
tower. Nobody else had the strength. D & D were also there and that was fun. Eventually we all went back for a short visit to Jerónimos.
Back in S. Bento, we kids went to the Estrela Park and lived an adventure with some other children. We ate out and Daniel and Jonatan followed with Grandpa for a glimpse of the Pombal statue.

We now lived through the hottest day. Temperatures were up in the 40s. We took a taxi to the Amoreiras where Grandpa opened a bank account.  Jonatan and Grandpa had a haircut in Algés.
After that we could only stay indoors and wait for the sun to go down a bit. We visited the Poets Park in Paço d’ Arcos, and Grandpa explained about some of the writers and especially   Alexandre O’Neill that Grandpa had lived with as a child. We now know that Grandpa has spoken to two people who are now statues O’Neill and Eusébio. Afterwards we went back on Vótetta’s car and looked for a restaurant where they could hit dead crabs with a hammer. Liv and Helena had gone to the beach and Liv got a rash.

resan 23

Travels with Grandpa 2010 (8)

Finally the much awaited day at the Lisbon Zoo! As everybody loves animals the family grew thicker by the minute and eventually we were 10 people all running in different directions and curious of different things, thirsty and hungry at different times. Must say that the best moment was when the sea lion got it in his head to kiss Grandpa! This happened at the Delfinarium, where we were offered quite a decent show. Even the other program with the birds flying in the open was good. It was a hot day and the animals were lazy until the late afternoon. That was when the group started to split up. First it was Pedro and ML that disappeared, then David and Vótetta. A few minutes later we discovered they had not progressed further than to a McDonald’s inside the zoo.
We the others, went home and cooked spaghetti that according to Jonatan was the best meal, since arrival. After this Patricia and Helena went to bed so we went with Grandpa to the Estrela Park with a football. We played there for a long and intensive period until Grandpa blew the whistle and we all went home. It was 9 o’ clock.

resan17resan 18   David and giraffs!



Travels with Grandpa 2010 (6)

resan 13
The ogre hunt is on, Grandpa, Daniel,David and Patricia

What a lazy day! Grandpa was shut outside, knocked on the doors and windows, but we just slept away. Grandpa and Patricia had gone out to buy another suitcase. They went to the ”Chinese”. There are plenty of these shops in Lisbon. They sell real cheap things and it is Chinese people that own them.
They cannot pronounce R and replace them with L. But everybody knows this.
In the afternoon we went off to Parque das Nações by the underground station Oriente, with the decided purpose to see a film. It became a new experience to all of us as we saw Shrek 4 in 3D. Fantastic experience as Grandpa had to duck several times to avoid being hit by various flying objects that seem to be coming towards us at incredible speed.
Real fun film where Grandpa showed that he hangs on to all sorts of technical development!
After that we went to Baixa-Chiado, another tube station, and looked for the S. Carlos opera house. A concert was taking place outdoors there, with Verdi operas in the program. Grandpa sang all the arias and people looked around from the stage to admire Grandpa. There were so many people there so we could not see much but we heard quite a lot.

Afterwards we sat outside the Brasileira where photos were taken by the Fernando Pessoa statue. We walked home through Bairro Alto where they were thousands of people in hundreds of bars and restaurants.
resan 14 Liv having a bica with Fernando Pessoa

Travels with Grandpa 2010 (2)

Resan 5

On Friday we went to Lisbon. Patricia took the lead on organizing and acquiring, the purchase of many tickets, for a combined travel experience, where the children could try different underground lines. To everyone’s amazement we saw greatgrandpa driving the train to Oriente. Once there, everybody charged to the restaurant area, with all the different fast foods and chose a meal of our preference.
Daniel got a dragon and  David a donkey and as far as we all could tell everything tasted delicious including Liv’s doll! The group could now concentrate on the next stage which was the Oceanarium- an enormous aquarium where one could learn about the meaning and importance of the oceans, and why they need to be looked after and preserved.  After being intervewed we agreed we liked the pinguins and other diving birds that could swim under the water. Nobody really bothered when Grandpa jumped in to fight a giant shark.
After eating a few ice creams David wanted to go on a tricycle that cost 13 € for 30 minutes. Earlier on Daniel had vomited but got soon better. Jonatan and Liv spent some of their capital and bought a T-shirt and a cuddly turtle at the Oceanarium.
After a visit to Greatgrandma’s flat in Lisbon we ate at a restaurant in a square called Rato where Daniel broke down crying because the people on the table behind us had eaten the last snails

Grandpa hasn’t brushed his hair for a week, but what does it matter, when everyone is on holiday? We started our day by the pool. David wanted some diving gear so he got the others to follow him to to Estoril station where these things were sold. Luncheon was taken outdoors and everyone got something to eat and one more ice cream! Then off again to Algés to meet Vótetta and aunt Gracinda and her daughter Rita. We sat at a café by a park and Grandpa showed everyone how to go on a slide. When we finally came to the flat we discovered a very scared but preety dog-Lady. Grandpa gave some advice on how to train the dog, but realized that he did not have the time to train the dog himself. After that the trip back to the hotel started.. Jonatan and Grandpa wanted to see the match and the others wanted to bathe on the pool. Even Vótetta was there but it did not influence the result. Germany won as we had predicted. We visited the handycraft fair- Feira do Artesanato. Unfortunately David did not come. He stayed behind with Vótetta after another huge meal at the hotel.
The others had great fun and we particularly liked the sleeping dogs that could breathe. Jonatan bought a candleholder for his mum and Daniel got a key ring that one could whistle to. We decided to come back, so Liv could make up her mind on what she wanted. Grandpa talked a lot with a gentleman that owned a company in the entertainment branch. Grandpa could have taken a job there, as he is so funny!!!!

resan 4