The new family ties

António Branco Cabral as a child on the right with family in Santarem.

If you are happy with your family tree and perfectly comfortable with your ancestry maybe you should not do a DNA test. In my case, not being specially interested, in coats of arms or any of those motives connected to finding nobility and the likes I am happy to find out as much facts as possible and the DNA path is extraordinary. Anyhow I did the DNA test with Myheritage and met with sensational findings.

As I have, on this blog, previously written about my research on the Henriques Pinheiro connection it feels necessary to put things right. My paternal grandfather was António Branco Cabral (Santarem 1893- Lisbon 1983). My genetical grandfather was not a figure unknown to us in the family, but indeed someone that I met and that was present in the life of my father and of my grandmother Rogéria with whom they secretly shared a son. I am convinced that my grandmother would not be unhappy with this turn of events (it now being known) as she had up to her death in 1977 kept a relation to the man who had another family but was the father of her only surviving child.

Who was then António Branco Cabral?

According to the “Grande Enciclopédia Portuguesa e Brasileira, Vol.2”  he completed is studies as a Civilian Engineer at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon in 1915. He was then called up for the army and served in the first world war from where he was evacuated in 1919 after being subject to gas. After returning he then started to work for the ministry of Public Works and in 1923, he oversaw the Roads department for his native District. He went on to work for the Portuguese Railway (CP) and placed on the Paris Committee for that company. In 1932 he returned from Paris and became General Secretary for the Portuguese Railway Company in which post he remained until his retirement in 1963. During those 32 years he was involved in the development of many enterprises and in the administration boards of several companies including the Uranium mines in Urgeiriça. It is mentioned that he published texts and poetry in different newspapers and magazines under cover of pseudonyms. A renowned personality in the Lisbon society he received several medals such as St Gregory order, of Civil Merit of Spain, and several commendations for orders such as the British Empire.

This finding om Myheritage was only possible because another grandson to António Branco Cabral namely Pedro Cabral Magalhães, also had done his DNA test there. As far as my dealings with Pedro are concerned, I only have positive experiences since this news were also unknown to him and I really feel that I have gained a cousin that three months ago I did not know existed. I am looking forward to meeting him soon.

I have, in other words, no genetical connection with the Pinheiros from the province of Beira Baixa and that is that. It does not mean that there are no emotional or other ties as my father always considered that his father was João Henriques Pinheiro and he spent time as a child mainly in the region of Rosmaninhal.  

 My extensive research on the family Pinheiro/ Rija in the municipality of Idanha a Nova in the district of Castelo Branco is available ad hopefully useful to anyone wanting to access it.

PS: Please feel free to add to this story on the blog.

António Branco Cabral on the right. First World War

3 thoughts on “The new family ties

  1. Hello I have read some of your blog & family history with interest. The reason I looked you up is because I noticed on MyHeritage that you had some of my family listed as being on your family web pages & wondered why, as I am not aware of any connection.
    I do not have a paid subscription to the site so cannot check for myself although one of my cousins has. The person I searched on was my Gt.Uncle Bertrand Chapman born 1876 in Hull, Yorkshire, & died in 1918 in WW1, an ANZAC. Listed are his siblings too & the search came up with “Henriques Pinheiro in pinheiro Web Site, managed by Joao Martinho Henriques-Pinheiro.” I’m just curious. I have been researching my various lines for 40 years. Family history is very addictive.
    Regards, Margaret

    • Dear Margaret. Thank you so much for your questions concerning family research. It is possible we have an ancestor in common. Have you done DNA test? In relation to the Chapman connection to my direcy ancestor it is as follows.Bertrand Chapman 1876-1918, His mother Patience Lammiman 1850-1917, her mother Mary Lammiman 1830-1904,her mother Charlotte Stockton 1814-1894, her father Joseph Stockton 1788-1876, his mother Anne Walmsley 1765-1803 and her father John Wamsley 1720-1769, his parents my direct ancestors George Walmsley 1690-1740 and Ann Dawson 1696-1768.
      Hope this can you give you any clue. My email Best regards Joao

  2. Caro João Pinheiro
    Foi com algum espanto e alegria que encontrei a foto da minha avó Eugénia Branco Cabral no seu blog. Era a irmã mais nova do António Branco Cabral, vestida de branco na foto.
    Em pequeno convivi com o seu avô e meu tio-avô, bem como a restante família pois a minha avó Eugénia morava quase ao lado do irmão António em Lisboa. A filha do António Branco Cabral, Maria Antonieta Cabral Magalhães, era uma sobrinha dedicada e visita regular da casa da minha avó.
    Desconhecia completamente a história do meu tio avô com a sua avó e assim somos também primos.

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