The trotting experience


According to my instructions I was supposed to look out of a small window to see when the horses were approaching the finishing line. After measuring the intensity of the light and calculating the speed of the horses I should press a button and keep it pressed until all horses had crossed the line.

After that I needed to speedily develop the film so it could be shown to the race dignitaries so they could confirm and announce the order of arrival of the horses. This was very important especially on tight decisions where just a nose could decide the correct outcome. Needless to say it was a very responsible job as hundreds if not thousands of people had been on the betting side of things.

How could I have finished up on top of that tower with very little knowledge of the Swedish language and absolutely no knowledge on the trotting sport? What they were screaming from down below I have no idea up to this day!

This is the story. When John was born Mona became friends with another mother on the ward.  Her husband Kenth Forsberg had a photo shop called Foto Mer. It was very near our flat in Skönsberg.

Kenth was not very fond of this job at the Bergsåker Trav, trotting race course. It took too much of his time and he asked me if I wanted to do it. I obviously accepted as I would any job that was offered to me, most particularly in those days. I did this a number of times but recall some errors on my first day. On one of the races the horses came out extremely long. I can anyhow and for the record inform my dear readers that this was my first job in Sundsvall, probably in the beginning of 1974.

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