Maxwell’s arrival


You might live a whole life and still not understand events that took place in it even if you, yourself, were the main male actor.

I do not pretend to claim that I have been aware of all  things that have happened in my life but I am sure that my actions would have been different if I had the experience I have today. When you are young, say 20 years old, you have your life in front of you and happiness does not need too many analyses. I have been lucky in my life to have known so many interesting people and to have experienced so much together.

When we went back to England Mona and me, as a married couple we were supposed to be a family. But we were not. Looking back I am certain that Mona’s biological clock had been ticking away for some time. Our small room in Mornington Avenue needed a little one.  The solution found, was a kitten.

We took the train to Hounslow to get Maxwell, whose name was inspired by a coffee brand.

He was a little loud and nervous baby of the Siamese race. He came with a pedigree, cost £15 and would be our pet for many years to come.

At this time I was working in the publicity firm of Masius Wynne-Williams and that same year of 1973 they merged to become D’Arcy Masius MacManus. My job was, as I recall, doing errands and dealing with the post to the many sophisticated art workers, of this reputed and pioneering advertising firm.

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