Frozen Brazilian in Stockholm

Looking back, and after consulting material from the period, I can share some data on what happened in the month of September 1972.
When the Interrail adventure, that took Mona and I to Spain ended, I returned to London in order to get a certificate, that we thought we needed, to get married!
As I had nowhere to stay two people gave me a hand. Quim Semião who was trying to save Die Fledermaus from bankruptcy and a Brazilian called Guilherme who lived at 2, Nevern Rd. Flat 1.
Quim and I tried to keep the club afloat. We were hardly earning any money and eventually, within the month, we were both out of there.
As to Guilherme… I believe this guy had some money. His rent was £16 a week. I could not afford to pay half so he agreed I would pay £6 and teach him English for the remaining £4. I really cannot recall, what his line of business was, but at one time I was helping him get a lease for premises in Beauchamp Place, where he would open a Brazilian restaurant!
He wanted to come with me to Sweden, as he was keen to know new places. We decided to go and booked the crossing with the Saga for the 24th September. Once in Stockholm we would meet Mona at the central station. As we arrived all focus was concentrated on each other. I think Guilherme said it was too cold in Stockholm and went back to London! Well, did he? I completely lost track of him.
My Stockholm life could however start. Engaged to get married, sharing student room 119 at Amanuensvägen 14 and with a letter of reference, fixed by my father from a Mr. Oppacher, GM of the Lisbon Sheraton, to the director of the Sheraton in Stockholm a Mr. Schuack should be waiting for me. It was meant they would offer me a position at this fashionable hotel. Things could be worse.

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