Travels with Grandpa 2010 (3)

resan 6

Sunday presented the opportunity, to once again visit other family members. It took us
to Parede where great uncle Pedro lives.There we met a whole new bunch of people. Hope we don’t forget anyone, Great uncle Pedro and his son Miguel, his two daughters Marta and Catarina and their boyfriends João and Guilherme. Miguel’s mother Sara and Sara’s mother Ema were there. Besides Anna and her son João an Englishman called Andy turned up!  With three called João it was rather confusing because Grandpa thought everyone was yelling at him and accusing him of things he hadn’t done like for example beating up Miguel or throwing hammers, stones and so on.

To compensate for all the confusion everyone got to eat sardines, chops and salads. The whole thing finished up at the café next door with snails and ice cream. Grandpa and Jonatan spent the rest of the evening together with a bunch of Spaniards helping del Bosque to his World Cup gold. Patricia and Grandpa went for a walk as the children stayed at the hotel bar sipping long drinks of water on the rocks!

resan 7 Loud Spaniards celebrate

It is now Monday on our fantastic adventure. We returned to Greatgranny’s home in
S.Pedro. D & D had not met grandpa’s mother so it was all a nice new
experience. Grandpa was asked to speak to a 99 year old from Sweden. They discussed
complicated matters and Grandpa got to know that the old gentleman was called
Arne Hulthén. He had worked for the steel industry and was originally from the
island of Gotland. Even though he was both deaf and blind they could converse
with each other. Uncle Arne thought grandpa had a strong dialect which must be
explained because of Grandpas many years living in Sundsvall. We met Maddy who
is John’s cousin and after bathing at the beach we all went back to the pool.

resan 8  Outside Greatgranny’s home in S. Pedro

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