Spanish hospitality


After the long stretch between Barcelona and Valencia we were convinced that we had done the worst trip that the Spanish railway company RENFE could offer her passengers. In Valencia we booked ourselves at the Hotel Europa to get a much needed rest. This hotel was spot on in the centre of this important Spanish city with a view towards the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Our destination now was Andalucía in the south. I am sure we touched on Sevilla and spent a few hours there before heading for the coastal town of Huelva. Once there we were looking for somewhere to stay. Since entering France I was left in charge of communication, as I knew the languages.

I approached a young couple and asked them if they knew where we could stay. They promptly invited us to their home. There was no question about it… They just would not hear of anything else. Mona was very impressed as this couple with a small child prepared their own double bed for us to sleep in. They somehow settled somewhere else. This beat all records of hospitality before or after. We talked about it many times later and sent them a postcard thanking them and inviting them to visit us, although we had not settled anywhere at this time.

We were now prepared to meet the Pinheiros as they planned to arrive. My father came by car bringing Bua along and perhaps Pedro. It was a much awaited moment this one of seeing my grandmother. It was decided that my father would drive us to Merida where we could meet the rest of the family, somewhat like the changing of the guard. We took in at a hotel in the old Emerita Augusta, important Roman town, in its day.

Pleasantly enough there was a swimming pool at the hotel to cool us down!

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