The circles in my mind


Life doesn’t run on a straight line. It rather divides up into circles that meet each other and progress into new ones. On this blog I have now written over 100 texts and divided them into memories in English and in Portuguese. I have in time, stretched between 1952 and 1972, and arrived at the edge of the London circle. It will soon go over to a new one where Sweden will for the first time appear in my own set of reports. But not quite yet…

I have saved many letters from the time where these were handwritten and sent by ordinary post, generally with a specially chosen stamp that could be useful for collecting.

I am these days reading some of these letters which have filled some memory gaps.

I realize for example that I knew some people when living at Nevern Square, Earl’s Court, that I had completely forgotten about.

When the Portuguese left the flat I had to look for new tenants. The rent was high and I really needed 4 to contribute towards it. The Swedish girls now living in the flat, Jannice and Ulla were like flowers attracting bees.  A Portuguese guy called Pepe did come in but was getting in and out of work. Another guy turned up to get a bath. I believed he needed one, having the nickname Clint Eastwood, as a reference to the film” Dirty Harry”.

Live in the flat did no longer feel secure and things disappeared such as money, Mona’s camera and the likes. It felt as time was running towards getting off the circle, one way or another….

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