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Up to date I have concentrated my blog writings to my first 20 years, comprising the period between 1952 and 1972.  Naturally, I will, even when moving forward in time, describe something of my ancestry. Today I am writing about my grandfather. To some of his grandchildren- Dadda Glasses.

I owe him his dedication and support during my late teenage years when I lived on my own in London from the age of 16. I owe him that £1 note duly received by post, every Friday, often with the words “Best wishes. Enclosed £1”. It was a good help to me when my salary was low. I owe him the many weekends with Pat and Dad at 3, Hurst View Rd.

My maternal grandfather,Joseph Ineichen was born in Westminster in the year of 1899. The son of Josef, a Swiss immigrant and Mary Hatchard from Fulham, he grew up with his older half brother William who died in the Great War 1914-1918.

He left Westminster Cathedral School at 14, to start his business career as a “policy pusher” with Lloyd’s brokers T. Bainbridge &Co. In 1917 he became a deputy underwriter.

In 1918 he joined the forces and served with the 7th London Regiment. He returned to Lloyd’s in 1919. During the Second World War he serves in the Air Raid Warden Service in Croydon where the family lived.

At the age of 48 he was elected an underwriting member and specialized in marine cargo risks. He retired from Lloyd’s in 1967 after sitting in three different premises which gave him access to the exclusive Three Rooms Club.

He wrote many stories and memories in the staff magazine “the Lloyd’s log “. In them he shared important recollections of his childhood in Westminster, but also historical research work of his beloved London!


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  1. I rembember that picture of Joe so well with so much fondness – it was sketched from a photograph my father took of Joe sitting in a deckchair in his beloved garden at 3 Hurst View Road.

    • Great information Jo. I had no idea… I do have the sketch with me which of course gave me the opportunity to take a photo of it. Lots of love.

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