The Swedish Crown Prince

tramp restaurant

I have been giving some accounts of my intensive but short career as a waiter at Tramp in Jermyn Street. This incident is worth telling for many reasons, but mainly because of the incredible number of coincidences related to it.

The DJ at Tramp was Cyril Hines, an Irishman of whom I did not know much. One evening he came to me rather excited and asked if I knew who I was serving. I didn’t…It was a party of some six or seven people, they had ordered champagne!

He went on.- You’re serving the Crown Prince of Sweden, man! That I thought was interesting considering Mona , my girlfriend was also Swedish. Wait until I tell her, I thought to myself.

Cyril’s knowledge of the world started to impress me. Myself, I have to admit, wasn’t sure of the form of government in Sweden and much less recognizing any people in the Swedish Royal family. So I had to ask. – How do you know this, Cyril? Simple he said -My wife is Swedish and I have lived there! Well, that was an explanation I could buy. I told him my girlfriend was also Swedish. We did not fall in the arms of each other but we had found something in common. -Where does your wife come from in Sweden, I wondered?

-Well, Cyril said, you wouldn’t possible know it- It’s just very small place in the north…-And the name is? –Sundsvall, he said!

So there you have it! His wife Irene and my girlfriend Mona came from the same town. Cyril was well known in Sundsvall because he had been working in several discos including the most popular one- Marina!

As to the illustrious guests I did tell them that my girlfriend was Swedish and they showed genuine interest as they quietly and orderly enjoyed their evening at Maximus in 1972.

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