Sexual entertainment soon on these premises?


Back from London I have some news of little if any importance to the reader.

I told you about the Maximus, where I worked after leaving City business life, and whose owner Mr. Nat also was in charge of the Concorde Club which was the first disco I went to on more regular basis.

The Maximus is gone and all shut up according to the notice boards on the door. Whoever owned the Club Concorde since 1999 and ran the premises had now and after action from the landlord lost the lease. Simowa Limited has the 28th February applied to open a new sexual entertainment venue at what is called the Koru basement, at Victory house, 14 Leicester Square! Anyone opposing this application is required to contact the Westminster City Hall and its Licensing Service.

Leicester Square like most of London has changed but very much remains the same! The big difference after all is that it is today free of traffic contrary to what it looked like back in 1971. In those days you could park your car outside the club and I remember getting invited by manager john to listen to a cassette player on his Jaguar. It was the very first type of cassette music player and the cassettes were enormous if anyone ever saw those short lived models as they were soon replaced by the smaller and more practical variety.

We stayed very near the East End (where many of my ancestors lived) by the Southwark Bridge Rd. very close to London Bridge and all the Elizabethan theater history which really spells Shakespeare and the Globe Theater.  An area that once upon a time saw an industrious river related activity has been transformed and today invites millions of visitors to see contemporary art at the Tate Modern and go to the rebuilt theaters!

Picture taken from a fast food restaurant opposite old Maximus, lately Metra!

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