Pretty little policemen in a row


Working in the West End of London and more specifically at Maximus had obviously a great impact in my life. It was there I met the people that helped me decide to live my life in the City and also the place I met Mona the girl that I would marry.

There was a silent understanding that was never explained on the terms of employment, salaries and such between the management and the staff.  In other words, much of what was going on was illegal. We knew that every day at work could be the last!  As a British citizen I was allowed to work but I am not sure if my Portuguese colleagues possessed any kind of work permit.

Much speculation was going on about the risk of getting raided by the police. We were warned that something might be in process. If the owners had someone on the pay role I do not know. At any rate one evening a long queue of agents in civilian dress and others in uniform did charge in and went downstairs ordering all lights to be turned on. They then sat around and interviewed people on their membership and alcohol consumption on the premises.  I managed to make myself invisible and was not questioned.

Sometime around the beginnings of 1972 most of the staff was sacked. Mr. Nat probably thought that it was about time to get a reshuffle among the staff and at least the reception people were out. It was easy to get the sack…Nobody had any working contract so we didn’t actually exist in terms of employees. So goodbye Maximus and hello new life.

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