Except for me and my monkey


My father decided we would go to London and visit my mother’s family there! This trip would be made by car! In the front sat my parents and my unborn sister Joana. In the back my brother Pedro, my grandmother Bua and me! Something went wrong with the automobile crossing the Pyrenees…We could however continue after reparations and eventually took the ferry to Dover. Seeing the cliffs I did exclaim- “My country at last!”  This well-chosen comment was quoted in years to come, as everybody was very amused by it! Another interesting fact on this trip was that no one could really make out how my grandmother didn’t need to use any of the toilets along the road.

Some highlights on this visit to London in what would have been 1957 or 58 (this is important as to assert my unborn sister’s participation or not) are the following:

Visit to Madame Tussaud’s in Baker Street where I recall my father jokingly talking to a wax policeman standing at the entrance.

Visit to Trafalgar Square where we fed the pigeons and one of them landed on my head and subsequently watching the guards outside Buckingham Palace standing still.

Visit to the London Zoo where we met a friendly and hairy old chimp whose name I have forgotten.

Considering my early age during this event some of these facts might need to be reconsidered even though I take full responsibility for my own memories!

5 thoughts on “Except for me and my monkey

  1. I was born in October 57 so this could only have been that summer. I believe Bua used to carry a jug to pee in because she knew from experience that our father would never stop the car once he was on the road. I can’t imagine how she managed it!

    • Yes of course..What was I thinking? I am not sure if it was quite in summer as i have an idea it was rather cold.I certainly think father can enlighten!

  2. I remember this picture. I think this joke has been tried on me when I was very small…
    “Which of the three is Daddy?” I don’t think I could figure the guy in the middle as any kind of living creature at all. And my attention was particularly drawn to “Dad’s” hat.
    It actually looks like a “cartoon hat”.
    Well… asking Jonatan now… “Which of the three is João?” his answer this time is unhesitatingly and unswervingly correct.
    And Jeanette says also “The one to the right. It’s his expression. The boy to the left looks more unconcerned.”

    • Thank you for your comments, son! I really appreciate that you Jonatan and Jeanette find my texts interesting! Pedro is the carefree indeed as described in today’s text entitled O Pico.

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