The Roman style dungeons


The period of transition between my City gentleman’s life and night club worker occurred gradually. After my more regular weekend visits to the Concord, it didn’t take long before I went from the junior Night Club to the senior one.

The necessity to make more money, in order to keep up with my new life styles, put me on the lookout for income opportunities. The owner of the Concord was Mr Nat but he was also a part owner and active controller of the Maximus disco in Leicester Square.

If Tony was at the Concord, Gilinho or Gilberto Matos, “the good giant”, was at Maximus and digging gold on the cloakroom there. Sometimes he needed help mainly at weekends and at given times when most costumers arrived. But my grand activity was trying to sell the Club to passers-by for which I received 10 pence per successful Club visitor.

The job consisted on chatting up and convincing people on the street that this Roman styled Discotheque was the place to be. And in many senses it was! The place was at the time rather African American influenced and the DJ was an American. It was here I discovered James Brown and other artists of the Tamla Motown label. The waitresses wore very little and the Go-go dancers were as far as I could understand very competent!

Here the reader can see what the card looked like, that I dealt out in front or around, 14 Leicester Square.

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