The Portuguese connection


What would you say, occupies the minds of most boys and young men? Exactly, it didn’t take you long to work that one out! Girls!!!! During my first years in London I had a normal hunting spell and did one or another conquest. I probably could say that I was in love almost at all times. I do not recall when that state of mind started, only that the objects of my attention varied on who I was in love with. Is this normal? I really couldn’t tell but we will come back to that theme…Be so sure!

 After leaving Mrs. Meltzer I had to look for new digs. I remember I answered a few ads around the Hammersmith area but without great success. Eventually I found out about Mr. and Mrs. Whyte, a Scottish couple in Kitson Rd. Barnes. They rented a room with access to a kitchen pantry and there was a gas heater that worked if you put in some coins. The arrangement worked for me and there was a launderette nearby, which also was useful.

 In the course of 1970 new things started to happen and it meant the beginning of the Portuguese connection. I cannot right now recall what came first and how one encounter led to the next but at least following people need to be mentioned. Mário Soveral, Gilberto Matos and Rodolfo Fonseca. Later Joaquim Semião and  Mané Fernandes. I am quite sure that these were an important part for the development of the connection and the events that followed in coming years. I am now trying to trace down some of these London friends and hopefully they’ll turn up to help make this story more complete.

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