Goodbye Westmoreland Rd

westmoreland rd

My bed and breakfast arrangements lasted just about one year before Mrs. Meltzer kindly asked me to leave. My landlady had taken good care of me even though she never succeeded in making me fully appreciate a proper English breakfast.

Together with Fritz the Swiss pastry chef we would sit in the living room, watch television and drink tea. It was in that same living room and on her TV set that we saw the first steps on the moon! Why kick me out, then?

 After almost one full year without hearing Portuguese I recall how I suddenly heard some people talking around the Piccadilly area and I felt it sounded too familiar. I spoke to them and remembered how difficult it had become to get the words out. Soon after this some friends of a friend from back home came in contact with me! Carlos and Nelson! They would be in London to enjoy part of their summer holidays.

These guys were completely crazy. They just didn’t seem to have any restraints. They had fun at everything and everybody. And they were funny! They were what one could say a laugh! And I laughed!  As a part of their senseless behavior they were also caught shoplifting in Oxford Street.

They were charged and when asked for an address gave mine not understanding that it would become a notice on the Barnes and Mortlake Herald! So goodbye Mrs. Meltzer and goodbye, Westmoreland Rd.

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