Pollard’s Hill North, revisited!

 Google Earth is an amazing tool! I decided to look for my grandparents’ home in Norbury, London. Suddenly I was there. The hill top, the church at the bottom of the street… It was here I played in the living room with a sofa with large cushions. They were huge so a house could be made out of them. Sadly I have no memory of my grandmother. My grandfather was a City gentleman that I thought was quite jovial and he certainly lightened up when the ice-cream appeared on the table!

There was an older neighbour boy, that somehow got into my life during this summer visit. Could his name be Barry? He had a bike and I am sure that it was in this street that I learned to cycle, on a bike with wide tyres.

 This neighbour boy had a Terrarium. He kept lizards at home! This was to me the weirdest and most fascinating hobby. After all in Portugal lizards were everywhere and in the eyes of young boys something you threw stones at.

 A vivid memory I had was that he took us by bus to South Kensington and a visit to the Natural History and Science Museums. This was any boy’s dream. I particularly remember the whale and all the type of contents that could be found in its belly: The science Museum was even more fantastic with all the buttons you could press and the enormous collection of cars, trains, planes and other technical advances humanity had put together up to the sixties.

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